Fastenright - a growing company

Original Article - Cape Business News: Page 4 & continued on Page 6 (May 2013)

Fastenright - a growing company IT hasn’t even been three years since Fastenright, the ‘Stainless Steel Bolt and Nut Experts’ has opened its doors to the public, and already it’s stock holding has tripled in size. A steady increase of customers and their growing demand of high quality stainless steel fasteners have prompted the company to invest much more into their stock holding than it was originally planned, says the company. But not only larger quantities of fast moving items are being kept in stock, also the range of products has expanded drastically. Due to the fact that Fastenright services so many different industries, e.g. boatbuilding, engineering, (Wood) construction, food processing and the security industry to name a few, it has become necessary to add more and more new products to meet the customers’ demands and to be able to supply ex stock without lengthy waiting periods. Regular Newsletters, sent out via email, are aimed to inform all customers of these new additions to Fastenright’s already comprehensive product range. Some of these new stainless steel products include: wire rope & accessories, security-screws -bolts and nuts, full stainless steel rivets, rivet nuts and inserts, snap hooks, hose clamps, shackles and more. Because all stainless steel products are imported, it is imperative to constantly monitor the stock levels. Lead-times are from six weeks up to four months, therefore the reordering of stock must always be done in good time to prevent situations where we cannot deliver when the product is needed. Fastenright is able to source almost any kind of fastener and regularly imports (by sea and air) even the most specialised items in unusual materials, often specifically manufactured according to the customers drawing. Even though many other companies in our industry have had general price increases over the past years, we managed to keep our prices very stable, although the rate of exchange does not always make it easy for us to do that. But we know that the customers appreciate our efforts in this regard. Due to increasing demand, Fastenright is pleased to announce that they now also stock mild steel and high tensile products in zinc-plated and hot dip galvanised . These products are mainly: hexagon bolts, nuts and setscrews, nyloc nuts, washers and fully threaded rods. “Many customers require stainless steel as well as mild steel or high tensile products and prefer to purchase these together from us because of our excellent service and fast delivery times.” Fastenright’s focus is on giving superior service at competitive prices to all their customers.” This is the recipe to their success and has won them the ‘Supplier of the Year Award’ from a huge manufacturing company just recently. “Because we have been in the fastener industry most of our lifes and besides our vast experience we are well aware that honesty and customer service is the No. 1 priority (in any business,) we have managed to grow our business considerably, even in these challenging times.” Unfortunately not all companies in our industry think that way and prefer to resort to business practises to push competitors out of the market. It feels a bit like we are ‘David’ and are up against ‘Goliath’ - but we have faith that more and more customers and other competitors are realising that a cheap price is not enough to stay in business in the long term.