With its origins from German roots, Fastenright operates with integrity, strict code of conduct with precision and a leader in the service industry, our staff being an asset second to none, with over 300 years of cumulative experience. 

We pride ourselves with stockholding to satisfy 99% of quote requirement through to delivery. Stainless Steel is our forte, primarily grade 304 (A2) used from securing perimeters, manufacturing including but not limited to packaging machines, agricultural equipment, aviation sector, military and construction, the list is endless where stainless steel is considered “white gold” in the engineering sector. Our stock levels with regards to 316 (A4), covers a broad base for mainly the marine and petrochemical industries. We are one of few if not the only stainless steel suppliers that can provide 316 (A4) threaded inserts, most commonly known as Helicoil®

We are a proud member of SASSDA (Southern Africa Stainless Steel Development Association) which affirms our passion for this metallurgical marvel.

Besides Stainless Steel, we offer a range of other fasteners in various grades of mild steel, brass and nylon/ polyamide. Our team, ready to assist with any threaded requirement whether it be grades 2304 or 907L all custom is welcome.